The wedding day is a day.. never want to end. It’s bubbling with love, joyous tears flowing left and right, and you probably dance until your shoes chafe. So many incredible things happen, and you just want to experience it all over and over again.

We help you

capture all these wonderful laughs, warm hugs, bubbling emotions, and emotional moments on both film and photographs. For us, it’s about conveying everything you don’t want to forget from the day, so that you have the opportunity to experience it all over again.

Who is Mathilda?

Her friends call her “Matti” or “Mitte.” Those who know her from her previous floorball career call her “Bubblan” after a tough loss in a card game at the age of 13. Despite that, she managed to secure an SM gold in the Globe Arena before putting down her stick and ending her career.

She is a loving person with a lot of energy, juggling many things at once and always close to laughter.

She started her company ‘Photographer Mathilda’ in 2011 and since then, she has immortalized weddings in Sweden, Italy, and Spain while meeting wonderful people and plenty of delightful personalities. She has a passion for love and rarely keeps a dry eye during a wedding ceremony.

Her emotions are always close to the surface, which is well reflected in her photos.

“It should be natural and in the moment, right here and right now.”

Who is Tim?

During the daytime, he works as a marketing coordinator/content creator. Evenings and weekends, I am freelancing full-time! Everything from filming weddings to editing podcasts. Some of this work can be seen here on the website.

In my free time, you’ll find me either in the paddle hall, in front of the computer working, or on a VOI scooter heading somewhere, most often with a camera in hand.

I am driven by creativity, problem-solving (especially solving them), innovation, and challenges. I experience a peculiar joy when thrown into new work environments where I don’t feel entirely comfortable, I love stepping outside my comfort zone.

And together

we live in Västerås, Sweden with our daughter Bonnie and our two cats, Bosse and Bibbi. We got engaged in 2022 and, of course, are planning to get married in the near future. Do you know any talented wedding photographer/videographer? Please get in touch!

Mathilda about Tim

Tim is the kindest and most considerate person I have ever met. He is driven, curious, and incredibly creative. When I work together with Tim, I feel very safe and calm. We know each other well during the altar walk and complement each other very well at weddings, as we have four eyes on the scene!

Tim about Mathilda

Mathilda is absolutely incredible. In every way imaginable. Now, this may be focused on her photography skills, but I still want to mention that she is also an amazing mother to our daughter, a fiancée, and simply the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

She approaches all her weddings in a, what I believe, unique way. She truly listens to what you as a couple wish for and want to get out of the day. From the first meeting to the delivery of photos.